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How it works

Consigned items are accepted by appointment only. We ask that they come in on hangers, clean, ready to be worn (hangers are returned at time of appointment). For furniture pieces or home decor items you would like to consign, please e-mail or call us with a description of your item before bringing it to the store. There is an annual consignment fee of $25 which must be paid up front with cash or check.

Chelsea Consignment Consigning Appointment

What Do We Consign?

We’re looking for men's and women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, handbags, and jewels that are clean and ready-to-sell. Name brand, designer, and unique pieces sell best. We prefer items that are two years old or newer, unless they are vintage and in style now. We also sell vintage and new, good quality, shabby chic and unique home decor and furniture pieces.

Do I need an appointment for just a few items?

Yes. We will go through your items and review your account and make sure you are comfortable with our process. It’s fun, and we like meeting you!

Do you take men's and children's?

Yes, we do have men’s clothing. Sorry, we do not have children’s clothing at this time.

Can I have my unsold items back?

Of course! Let us know at the time of the appointment that you would like them back, and we'll give you a date to contact us back by. We're happy to pull your items and have them ready for you.

Where can I find my account balance?

You can check your account balance online. When you login you’ll see which items are still available for sale. If you prefer, you can call us anytime and we’ll let you know over the phone.

How do I collect my balance?

Stop in anytime between the 10th and the last day of the month, and we will write a check. Can't stop in? No problem! We will drop it in the mail, but we will deduct $2 for this service.

Can I use my balance toward a purchase?

Of course!! You're more than welcome to deduct your balance from any purchase, anytime!

Consignment FAQs

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At Your Appointment

During your appointment, we'll review which items we believe will sell successfully in the store. For those items we do not choose to add to our inventory, you can take them, or we are happy to donate them to a local charity on your behalf. It’s that easy!
To review all the details in our Consignor Contract, please read here

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